Tandy VIS


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NCR Corporation, Memorex BV, Tandy Corporation

Units sold:

11000 (1993)


499 $ (1993) – 399 $ (1995)


  • Wireless remote
  • Save’It (CyberCard)
  • 56kb/s Modem (cancelled)
  • Wired Keyboard (cancelled)

Note: Only sold in RadioShark Stores (EEUU).

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1 x 80286 AMD (N80L286-12/S)
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices
Type: Microprocessor
Introduced: 1982
Name (codename): 286-12 (?)
Code (Copyright): N80L286-12/S (1982 Intel)
Specification number: no
Core speed: 12.5MHz
BUS: 12.5MHz, 16-bit
Transistors (Die size): 134 000 (47mm square)
Technology: 1.5-micron NMOS
L1/L2 cache: no / no
Can address: 16 MB of physical and 1 GB of virtual memory
FPU: Co-processor 80287
Drystone ALU: 2.66MIPS
V core (typical): 5V
Power dissipation (max.): 2.89W
Operating temperature (min./max.): 0 – 85°C
Package (Socket): Plastic LCC-68pin (68-pin PLCC Socket)
Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 4mm
2 x 256k@4bits Samsung DRAM (KM44C256CJ7)
Number of Words: 256k
Bits Per Word: 4
t(acc) Max. (S): 70n
tW Min (S): 130n
Output Config: 3-State
P(D) Max.(W) Power Dissipation: 600m
Nom. Supp (V): 5
Package: SOJ-20/26
Pins: 26
Military: N
Technology: CMOS
NCR, LSI Logic (X07901200, X04990200, X04990300)
More information wanted!
Cirrus Logic (CL-GD5200-80PC-A)
Max Relative Accuracy (LSB): 1.5
Volt or Cur. Mode: Current
Input Arithmetic Code: A
V(IL) Max.(V)Lo Level In.Volt.: 0.8
V(IH) Min.(V)Hi Level In.Volt.: 2.0
Vsup(+) Nom.(V) Pos.Sup.Volt.: 5
Package: DIP
Pins: 28
Technology: CMOS
CD Player: 
Mitsumi (CRNC-FR002L)
Audio CD AIFF output
IDE Output/input
Power: 5V@0.4A, 12V@1.0A
Yamaha 16-bits (YMF262-M)
Maximum Clock Frequency (Hz): 16M
Vsup Nom.(V) Supply Voltage: 5
Package: SO
Pins: 24
Technology: CMOS
OPL3 SPEC. Compatible
DAC for CD-Audio Playing

Transmition: 2 x InfraRed (IR)

Bus Controller: Dallas Semiconductor DS1280FP6
Memory Controller: CMOS Memory to non-volatile mem. (Dallas Semiconductor DS1221)
Memory: 32768 words x 8bits CMOS (Sony CXK58257)

Operative System

Microsoft 16-bits Modular Windows for Tandy VIS

  • Compatibility with MS Windows 3.1x applications
  • Compatibility with MS-DOS applications


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Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers
The Sleeping Beauty

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Reference Data | Hardware | Software | Downloads | Links


DISCIS and MULTICOM Drivers for Tandy Sensation!

Instructions to setup DISCIS and MULTICOM drivers

Internal Radioshark note #1

Required DLL for run some VIS titles

Developer of Tandy VIS Titles